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About Us


Aires Tropicales Woodwind Quintet is composed of Cuban and Spanish musicians.

Their members:


  • Karla Hernández (Horn)

  • Ninián Rodríguez (Clarinet)

  •  Alicia Haro (Flute)

  •  Jorge Ruíz (Oboe)

  • Silvia Ruiz (Bassoon).


The quintet was established in October 2021 at Fontys Academy of Music and Performing Arts, located at Tilburg,The Netherlands. They approach music with both rhythm and heart, offering a unique perspective within the traditional chamber music context. Their music stands out due to its fusion of strong energy and contrasting elements, particularly showcasing rhythms from their native countries of Cuba and Spain.

During their performances, Aires Tropicales combines movements from different contrasting pieces, creating a rich and diverse experience for the audience. They have quickly built an impressive career, marked by various notable projects and achievements. These include collaborations such as the promotional campaign for the series "Queen Charlotte" with Netflix and Vogue in May 2023, participation in the Night of the Arts project with ACAPA, in a joint performance with the Copenhagen Conservatory using the LOLA system in 2023. They also performed for the Berliner Philharmonie academists and musicians at the Philarmonie hall in May 2023.

The quintet has had the privilege of performing in renowned concert halls in the Netherlands, including the Amsterdam Concertgebouw, Eindhoven Chamber Music Hall, Willem Twee Muziek in Den Bosch, and Tivoli in Utrecht.

Aires Tropicales has received recognition and opportunities through masterclasses and competitions. They were awarded first prize in the final round of the Fontys Willem Twee Chamber Music Contest in Den Bosch in April 2022, second prize in the international chamber music competition in Valencia, Spain in July 2022, and second prize in the chamber music international competition in Bolzano,Italy in October 2022.Also, selected to participate in The Grachtenfestival and Nederland Classical Got Talent in 2022.Receiving masterclasses from Sarah Willis, the 4th Horn of the Berliner Philharmonie, in May 2023,was one of the gratest experiences of the ensemble.

For Aires Tropicales, making a livelihood through music is a reflection of their passion. The key aspect of their performances is to showcase the richness of the rhythms and melodies within their repertoire. They aim to transmit emotions that go beyond the musical score, creating a connection with the audience through their heartfelt performances.

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